Vasui - English



teovspit (to)Koe a teo a nah manih koman iuun.Stop spitting betelnut here inside the house.
teömdial. var. oftöm
teöʼconj.prnso that (I)E Ieesuʼ to vaoe a neoʼ, teöʼ suk poan.Jesus called me, so that I follow him.
TepomananiʼPrp.NTepomanani'Tepomananiʼ eʼ a ëhnan a vöön.Tepomanani is the name of a village.
teraconj.asp.prnso that (we)(incl) willE Ieesuʼ to vaoe e pea, tera suk poan.Jesus calls us(incl), so that we(incl) will follow him.
teraʼvexposed (to be)Ivëh, ka nat e no pa ma soe teraʼ pe Sosoenën varih to soe ne pan, o teʼ varih to teʼ ne paan o Vavaasis pe Mosës, ee to hikta onöt ne a vonih a ma taateʼ hat pee.Therefore, then we(incl) know this talk of God exposes clearly and says like this, these people who are under the Teachings of Moses (Law), they are not able to deny all their bad customs (sins).
tereconj.asp.prnso that (they) willAhikta teʼ to kon e pee tere kiu manih peʼ.No man selected them so that they will work for him
tereannsilivaO terean to vuʼ en po oeh.The siliva fell down on the ground.
terehconj.asp.q.prnso that (whoever) willEöʼ to nat e noʼ pe re tereh nöʼ to kon raoe kee tavus ee o teʼ peöʼ,...So I know that whoever I have selected them and they will become my people,
teremömconj.asp.prnso that (we)(excl) willAhikta teʼ to kon a möm, teremöm kiu manih peʼ.No man selected us(excl), so that we(excl) will work for him.
tereʼconj.asp.prnso that (he) will, so that (it) will, so that (she) willE Ieesuʼ to vaoe e Matiu, tereʼ suk poanJesus calls Matthew, so that he will follow him.
terënconj.asp.prnso that (you)(s) willE Ieesuʼ to vaoe oah, terën suk poan.Jesus called you(s), so that you(s) will follow him.
terömconj.asp.prnso that (you)(p) willE Ieesuʼ to vaoe eöm, teröm suk poan.Jesus called you(p), so that you(p) will follow him.
teröʼconj.asp.prnso that (I) willE Ieesuʼ to vaoe a neoʼ, teröʼ suk poan.Jesus called me, so that I will follow him.
TertiusPrp.NTertiusEöʼ e Tertius, a teʼ to kiun o vaato pe Pöl po pëpaʼ vëh,...I am Tertius, the man that wrote Paul's talk on this paper,...
TertulusBiblical SourceTertulusPrp.NTertullusE susun to vaoe e Pöl, keʼ nö maʼ, ke Tertulus taneo en pa siröʼ e Pöl manih pa matan e Feliks,The chief called for Paul, then he came, then Tertullus started scolding Paul in front of Felix,
TesaronaëkaʼPrp.NThessalonica...pareʼ nö en manuh pa vöön Tesaronaëkaʼ....and he went there to the town of Thessalonica.
tetvgo across (to), walk on top of (to)E Ieesuʼ to tet voh a tahiʼ va Galiliʼ.Jesus had walked on top of the sea of Galilee.
teteheanvdelicious (to be), salty (to be), sweet (to (taste))A nöh pöʼ to tetehean en.The cooked greens taste delicious.
tetekövbored (to be)...eöm to hikta heʼ tonun a neoʼ, paröm hikta tetekö nem pa teʼ vaʼpeh me a neoʼ did not give your back (turn away) to me and you(p) were not bored to be with me.
teteovspit (to continually)[spitting]Ka napan varih to teʼ ne nën teteo ee pa matan e Ieesuʼ, pare töstös ee peʼ, ko upöm tatapan poë,Then these people who were there were spitting in the face of Jesus, and they hit him, and others were slapping him,
tetetvwalking on top (to be)E Ieesuʼ to tetet nö non a tahiʼ ka ma vamomhë pe ep in poë.Jesus is walking on top of the sea and all his disciples see him.
teteeraʼvmake clear (to)O piuk peʼ to teteeraʼ e non.His lie is made clear.
tetnaonnlogA tetnaon ivëh to punis.This log is heavy.
TeutasBiblical SourceTeudasPrp.NTheudasEöm to nat e nem, moaan voh ne Teutas to soe pan, 'Eöʼ a teʼ sunön.'You know that, long ago Theudas said like this, 'I am an important person'.