Vasui - English



tatahinënvhumiliate (to continually)A pap teʼ poë varih se taum o kamis apuh rakah, pare tatahinën tamoaan va e ne manih.Those type of people will indeed encounter great suffering, and they will always be humiliated like that.
tataivuproot (to continually) [uprooted]O vaman peöm se keh teʼ va non manih po voaʼ naon soneʼ vëh o voaʼ mastet, eöm se taʼ o meoh naon apuh vëh pan, ‘Tatai ah, parën nö, ko pu hah manuh tahiʼ.’If your faith should be like this little tree seed the mustard seed you(p) will command this big tree like this, 'You(s) be up rooted and you(s) go and grow there in the sea.'
tatakavchop (to continually)[chopping], fell (to continually)[felling]E voe to tataka non a naon pa ipoaʼ.The man is chopping the tree with the ax.
tatakivdivide (to continually) [divided]A napan manuh vöön to tataki pa taeah ee se nok.The people in the village are continually divided about what they should do.
tatakinvgo ashore (to continually)[going to shore)E Jon to pupui vahik en pe Ieesuʼ, keʼ tatakin nö non, pareʼ ep in a akis to nö vakëh. Ka Tuvuh Vasioʼ pe Sosoenën kunah va maʼ manih pa panuh, ko atantön e non peʼ.After John had washed (baptized) Jesus and he was going ashore then he saw Heaven go apart (open), and the Sacred Wind (Holy Spirit) of God came down like a dove and hovered over Jesus.
tatakisEnglishtakisvtax (to continually be) [taxed]Ke Pitaʼ soe poʼ, “O upöm teʼ ivarih to tatakis ne sih.”And then Peter said. "The other people these ones who are always continually being taxed."
tatakoʼvpour (to continually)[pouring], spill (to continually)[spilling]Eöʼ to kinkiun vaʼpeh me e noʼ pa hunun mataneoʼ to tatakoʼ e non.I was writing with tears spilling from my eyes.
tatakökvbroken (to continually be)A puto tatakök vasosoneʼ rakah en.The bottle is indeed broken into many pieces.
tatamakvfeel sorry for (to continually be) [feeling sorry for], mourn (to continually)[mourning]Eöʼ to me tatamak in sih a kën poaneoʼ varih Israël.I am always tired of feeling sorry for my group of relatives these ones Israel.
tatamanvbeget (to)Ko upöm to hikta onöt ne pa tataman koaʼ.And others who are not able to beget children
tatamiröʼvdestroy (to continually be)[destroyed], ruin (to continually be)[ruined]A ma moeh tah kurus varih ne Sosoenën to nok voh, ee to tatamiröʼ e ne kuru. Ka ma tah poë varih to hikta tatamiröʼ suk ne o iu koman pee. Ahik. Ee to tatamiröʼ suk ne o iu pe Sosoenën.All these kinds of things which God had made, they are being destroyed today. And these things are not destroyed because of their own desires. No. They were destroyed because of God's desire (will).
tatamoaanadvtruly alwaysKe SUNÖN VAKIN me en peʼ ka napan hikta ep hah ne poë, Suk ataeah, a ma tatamoaan rakah neʼ to vamomhë me non e SUNÖN VAKIN.And the CHIEF OF HEAVEN took him, then the people did not see him again. Why because that he (Enoch) was always truly indeed a friend with the CHIEF OF HEAVEN
tatamoevcrisp (to continually be), crumble (to continually)[crumbling]O këpis to tatamoe.The cabbage is crisp.
tatanaʼvtrap with a net (to continually)[trapping]Eʼe pon to tatanaʼ iian ne sih pa kë pee manih pa tonon va Galiliʼ, ov in a vavoen.The two of them usually trap fish with their net in the lake of Galilee, in order to sell.
tataneovstart (to continually)[starting]Emöm to taum a teʼ vëh to tataneo non sih a ma hat, pareʼ teʼ non sih pa kuin a ma vapus me vaheve manih pa napan varih o Jiuʼ me pa ma ö kurus manih po oeh.We(excl) found this man always starts all the bad things, and he is always starting all the fights and anger of the people of the Jews and all the places here on the ground.
tataneʼvstart (to continually)[starting]O öh to tataneʼ non maʼ po suraʼ.The smoke is starting from fire.
tatanihvring (to), ring (to continually)[ringing] a suvin me a ma moeh vu tah tatanih,...and conch shell and all kinds of ringing things.
tatanokvhappen (to continually)[happening]Ke Tamëneöm pamëh to nat non pa inan a tah to tatanok vakoaan non.And that Father of yours knows how to recognize the thing which (is) happenening secretly.
tataoavshout (to continually)[shouting]Ee to tataoa nö ne maʼ pare sosoe ne pan, “Vaeö ke na e Kristo, e koaʼ supnaiʼ pe Devit!They were shouting continually and they were saying like this, "We lift up (praise) your name, Christ, you(s) are the son of David.
tataopvpat (to), pet (to)Eöʼ se tataop e koaʼ peöʼ.I will pat my child.
tatapan1vslap (to continually)[slapping]Ka napan varih to teʼ ne nën teteo ee pa matan e Ieesuʼ, pare töstös ee peʼ, ko upöm tatapan poë.Then these people who were there spat in the face of Jesus, and they hit him, and others were slapping him.2npelvisA piʼ to teʼ non pa tatapan peöʼ.The sore is on my pelvis.
tatapevcut (to continually)[cutting], wound (to continually)[wounding]A teʼ se keh vuʼ po toon pamëh eʼ se tatape rakah en,...If a person should fall on that post he will be continually cutting indeed,...
tatapeoʼadjyellowA növan vëh to teʼ tatapeoʼ non.This bird is yellow.
tataperetvopen (to be continually)[opening]...ka ma hopaʼ tataperet ee,......and all the doors opened,...
tatapiunvturn around (to continually)[turning around], turn back (to continually)[turning back)Eʼ a pusun in a ö no a ma hin peöm to hikta tatapiun suk ne.It is the reason why your(p) prayers are not turned around (answered).