Vasui - English



tamëëreinal.kin.nfathers (their)E tamëëre to nö hah vur en pa kiu.Their fathers recently went back to work again.
tamëëroinal.kin.nfather of allE Abraham e tamëëro teʼ.Abraham is the father of the people.
tamiröʼvdestroyed (to be), ruined (to be)Motoka to tamiröʼ.The car is destroyed.
tamiuvrolled up (to be)Ka akis to tamiu en, vamanih po mat nee to miu, ka ma tope me a ma to kurus vahuk këh ee pa ma ö teʼteʼ pee.Then the sky rolled up, like a mat which they rolled up, then the mountains and all the islands moved away from the places where they had been.
tamoaanadvalways, eternal, everlasting, expectantly, foreverEöʼ se teʼ tamoaan noʼ manih.I will always stay here.
tamoe1vcrumble (to)A ö bret pe Kuri to pah tamoe en.The part of Kuri's bread indeed crumbled.2adjcrumblyA biscut ivëh o tah tamoe rakah.This biscuit is a thing that indeed is crumbly.
tamomoesvbroken into small pieces (to be)O puto to kuʼ pa vös ko tamomoes rakah en.The bottle fell on the rock and indeed broken into small pieces.
tamömahinal.kin.nfather (your)(s)E tamömah se nö lotuʼ.Your(s) father will go to church.
TamönnFatherKa Tuvuh pamëh to nok a ra, ka ook va ee na manih pe Sosoenën. “Tamön, Tamön.Then that Wind (Spirit) made us(incl), and we(incl) cried like this to God. "Father, Father.
tamönkin.ndad, father, ones own fatherE tamön pe voe to mët en.The man's father died.
tampunhornetA tampu a tah pihpih teʼ vakamis vi.The hornet is a thing that stings people and it truly hurts.
tan1vfasten (to), hook on (to), put up sago roof (to), tie (to)Emöm se tan a iuun pe Roman sinup.We(excl) will put the sago roof up on Roman's house tomorrow.2npart, piece, tieE koaʼ to iu a tan o kuma.The child wants a piece of sweet potatoe.
tanavlook up (to)E voe to tana en.The man looked up.
tananeahkin.naunt, his (paternal)E Ëmrëm to me e vamen e tananeah Jökëbët, ke Jökëbët vahuh e Aron pen Mosës.
tanaonnpole, stickA tanaon to ko pa ruen.The stick drifted in the water.
tanaʼvcatch bats with a net (to), put up a net (to)E sipun Pitaʼ Tameʼ to nat vavih non a tanaʼ.Peter's grandfather knows properly how to catch bats with a net.
taneahnwhatever things...o teʼ varih to hinhin vakis ne pe Sosoenën, ee se kon ee pa ma taneah nee to kökööt e ne....these people who are asking (praying) strongly to God, they will get whatever they are lacking (need).
taneo1vcommence (to), start (to)E voe to taneo po vahutët.The man started the court.2nbeginning, originO taneo po singsing to vih rakah.The beginning of the song is very beautiful.
taneʼ1vstart (to)Ko poen ne Mariaʼ to vahuh vahik en pe koaʼ Ieesuʼ, ka ma teʼ susunön taneʼ maʼ pa ö no potan to pepeah ke non maʼ, pare vos ee Jerusalëm,...Mary had finished giving birth to the child Jesus, then some kings came from where the sun rises up from (east), and they arrived at Jerusalem,...2prepfrom, that is why...eʼ se kon taneʼ ta pah tah manih pe Apuh....he will get a thing from the Lord.
tanihnsoundA tanih in a suvin to vih.The sound of a conch shell is good.
tankncistern, tankA tank peʼ to tapeat.His tank is destroyed.
tankekvönhoney beeA tankekvö to nonok non siʼ a hani.The honey bee continually makes a little honey.
tankëncobweb, spider, spider webA iuun pa tankë to teʼ non matan iuun.The spider web is in front of the house.
tanokvdo (to), happen (to)Ka ma moeh tah kurus poë varih se tanok marën a vamaaka a soe ne Sunön to soe tavus voh manih pa rivooro teʼ vanënën soe.And all these things will happen in order to make clear the talk which the Lord had spoken out through the mouths of the talk foreteller persons (prophets).
tanonoknpracticalMaʼ tanonok siʼ pa tëëm siku.Come it is practical to do at school.