Vasui - English



tanöʼnstickHeʼ maʼ a tanöʼ peöʼ.Give me my stick.
tanunhut, leaf houseA tanu a ta noʼ to nok pa pi oe.The leaf house that I built with the coconut bundle.
tanunuʼ1vwrinkle (to)E köövo se tanunuʼ a rara peʼ.The woman will wrinkle her dress.2nwrinkleE köövo to hika iu a tanunuʼ in a rara peʼ.The woman does not want to wrinkle her laplap.
taovsteam food in the ground (to)E köövo to tao a ma kuma pea.The woman steamed in the ground our sweet pototoe.
taoavshout (to)...a napan to taoa suntan rakah ee ko soe ke Paëlat pan, “Ni öm eah pa kuruse.”... the people shouted loudly indeed and said to Pilate like this, "Nail him on the cross."
taoekvskinned (to be)A koreneoʼ to taoek.My hand is skinned.
taokooknmourning songsKo upöm nonok ne a ma taokook.And others were doing mourning songs.
taonnflower used for scorceryA vu taon hat eom.The plant used for scorcery spoiled you.
taopvstick (to)A susven to taop po rara peöʼ.The butterfly is stuck to my cloth.
taooknfuneral cryEöʼ to pënton a taook pe sinan suk e koaʼ peʼ to mët.I hear the funeral cry of the mother because her child died.
taöörEnglishtowelntowelA taöör to noh non pa pasun e köövo.The woman's head is tied with a towel.
tap1vspear (to), stab (to)E voe to tap a meh teʼ.The man stabbed another person.2nspear woundA tap pe koaʼ to kamis.The child's spear wound hurts.
tapaiuunnhousehold (group of relatives)...manih pa vöön koman peʼ, me manih pa kën poaneah, me manih pa tapaiuun peʼ, ee to hikta ta ne poë, pare heʼ tonun e ne peʼ in his own village and his clansman, and in his group relatives (household) they do not respect him and they are giving (turning) their backs on him.
tapanvslap (to)Ta pah teʼ se keh tapan a panömah, a, tarih parën heʼ na a meh ...If one person slaps your cheek, yes, turn around and you(s) give the other side...
tapaoʼvtake up an important position (to)E Seos se tapaoʼ e Seon eʼ to mët en.George will take up John's important position when he dies.
tapencut (a), sore (a), wound (a)A tape pe koaʼ to apuh rakah.The child's sore is indeed big.
tapeatvdestroyed (to be), scatter (to)...köm tapeat em, ko nö vakëkëh em pa ma vöön peöm, ko këh em peöʼ peheoʼ.then you(p) scatter and go separately to all your villages and leave me by myself.
taperetvopen (to be)A hopaʼ in a iuun pemöm to taperet vur en.The door of our house recently opened.
tapisiknspeck (a)Vahvanih kën kuteʼ vaaviʼ nom a tapisik soneʼ vëh to teʼ non pa matan e kea pën,...How is it and you(s) stare only at this small speck (of dirt) that stays in the eye of your brother,...
tapiunvturn around (to), turn back (to)A voe to tapiun koe nö maʼ manih.The man turned around did not want to come here.
tapoannwild sugarcane (a type)E koaʼ to ëën a tapoan.The child is eating wild sugarcane.
tapon1vbreak open (to), dishevel (to), miscarry (to), split (to)O sini to taponThe canoe split.2ncrack (a)Eʼ to teʼ non a tapon manih po topnin o naon.There is a crack in the middle of the tree.
tapönvgo (to)...pare tapön tavi poë, pare vateen e Pöl, ko soe pan eʼ to nok vahat voh a ma tah peo....and they went around and accused him, and they rucksacked (accused) Paul, and they said that he had done many bad things.
taptapvspear (to continually)[spearing], stab (to continually)[stabbing]O peö taptap kuʼ pemöm to pet e non iuun.Our(excl) spears are spearing pigs are in the house.
taptönvnail on (to), stab on (to)E napan to taptön e Ieesuʼ pa kuruse.The people nailed Jesus to the cross.